Adrian Dominican Sisters

The Adrian Dominican Sisters, an international congregation of just under 700 vowed women religious and 200 Associates, minister in 25 states, Puerto Rico, and three countries: Canada, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines. In all of our ministries—education, health care, pastoral and retreat ministry, the arts, social work, ecology, and peace and justice advocacy—we strive to live out our Vision: to seek truth, make peace, reverence life. We trace our roots to St. Dominic in the 13th Century. With our Associates and our Co-workers, and with the other members of the Dominican family throughout the world, we continue our Dominican tradition of preaching through prayer, study, common life, and ministry.

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Mission and Vision MISSION
In the mission of Jesus we Adrian Dominican Sisters discover and identify ourselves as women called together to share faith and life with one another and sent into our world to be with others bearers and recipients of his love co-creators of his justice and peace.

Adrian Dominican Constitution and Statutes, 1.6

Information on becoming a vowed member or associate
The journey into religious life involves a process called “formation.” Having crossed over the threshold into religious life, formation is the process of slowly taking on its mantle to see if it fits—and then preparing for a vowed commitment to the life.
 It is a process of deep discernment, study, and experiencing the new. We call it “initial formation,” as formation is a process that continues throughout our lives. As Dominican women, we are called continuously into greater depths of love, awareness and service in the mission of Jesus.

Becoming a Vowed Member

The journey for most women admitted to the Adrian Dominican Congregation begins with candidacy. As a Candidate (or “Postulant,” the term we use in the Philippines), a woman is introduced to the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Candidacy is usually spent in Adrian, Michigan; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; San Fernando, Philippines; or another suitable location where the Candidate experiences living and working with Adrian Dominican Sisters. Candidates engage in study and reflection on the identity and history of the Congregation, and in regular dialogue with the Formation director.
The Novitiate is a two-year period that prepares a woman for full participation in Adrian life in mission as a member. When the woman is admitted to the novitiate, the Novice assumes the title “Sister” and engages in the study of Scripture, theology and spirituality, history of the Dominican Order and the Congregation, and mission in the contemporary world.
She participates in community life with Adrian Dominican Sisters, the liturgical life of the Church, ministry, and in regular dialogue with the Formation Director to confirm her call and make a decision about commitment.

One of the two novitiate years is a canonical year centered on personal development, spiritual growth, and preparation for vowed commitment as a Dominican Sister of Adrian; the other year typically involves ministerial experience as well as study.
Temporary Professed
Vowed membership begins at the end of the novitiate when a Novice seeks and is granted permission to profess temporary vows to the Congregation. Through the Prioress, the Congregation receives the new member in mutual commitment. By profession, a woman shares fully the life in mission of the Adrian Dominican Sisters and assumes the rights and responsibilities of a member of the Congregation.
 After a time of temporary commitment, typically three to five years, during which the mutual discernment continues, a member may request permission to profess her final vows. Formation continues in the ongoing journey of deepening of the call to Dominican life in service to the Mission.

For more information contact:
Sara Fairbanks, OP
Director of Formation and Vocations
(517) 266-3537
Toll Free: 866-774-0005
Email: Sara Fairbanks, OP


Becoming An Associate
Adrian Dominican Associates are women and men, at least 18 years of age—married, single, widowed or divorced—who make a non-vowed commitment to partner with the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Associates live in many parts of the United States and in the Dominican Republic, come from various ethnic and educational backgrounds, and have a variety of interests. While maintaining their own lifestyle and remaining financially independent, Associates participate in various spiritual, social, and ministerial experiences with the Sisters, as well as attending Congregational events.

Associate Life
For nearly 30 years, women and men who seek spiritual enrichment, a dynamic faith community, and a way to help bring about change in the world have joined the Adrian Dominican Sisters as Associates. It is a way to live out the Dominican charism of seeking truth and preaching the Good News in a non-vowed commitment.

Candidates for Associate Life undergo a period of formation, during which they study Dominican history and spirituality and come to know the Mission and Vision of the Adrian Dominican Sisters.

For information contact:
Mary Lach, Director