Trinity Sunday

  Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40            Romans 8:14-17                Matthew 28: 16-20

In the Name of the Father- God for us;  of the Son – God beside us;   of the Holy Spirit – God within  us                                                                                                               I wish you a grace-full and Happy Feast Day!

Karl Rahner years ago implied, and I paraphrase, that were the Church to announce tomorrow that we no longer adhered to the doctrine of the Trinity, many would just “ho,hum” and be about their day. Perhaps this is part of the reason that we are so lost as a people, a nation, a human family. We‘ve forgotten who we are; we’ve lost our identity. Richard Rohr has said: “God created us in God’s own image, and darn it, we’ve returned the favor.” The only trinity some seem to worship today is “Me, Myself, and I.”

Genesis states: “Let us make humans in our image and likeness,” and God saw that it was very good. We have been created by Love, out of Love, for Love, to BE unique sacraments of that Love on Mother Earth for a brief time. What would it look like if we consistently lived aware of our DNA as children of a Trinitarian God? I love to dance, but, to be honest, I’ve never been good at line dancing. I was happy, therefore, to discover that the ancient Greek Fathers depict the Trinity as a Circle Dance, a to and fro of love energy, dynamic, generative, an infinity of trust and mutuality.

Most of us know the term Lectio Divina as a way of praying with the Word of God. I came across an article, however, describing “Visio Divina”, meaning a sacred seeing with an image an aspect of ourselves in God at the non-verbal, heart level. Then, it happened, and of all places, on TV, as it brought me into an Anglican Cathedral on an early Saturday morning.

When I turned on the TV last week to get the highlights of the morning news, Meghan Markle happened to have just arrived at the stairs of the Cathedral. I sat mesmerized for the next two hours, moved by the sacred setting, the music, the scripture and prayer; but, most of all, I was so touched by the image of Harry’s look of love for Meghan. That energy of love between them was so tangible, almost palpable. As he lifted her veil, he couldn’t help but say: “You’re amazing!” Then, so overwhelmed with her gift of love and self to him, he said: “I’m so lucky! I’m so lucky!” and turned to wipe away his tears.

And that is when today’s feast came to my mind. God lovingly gazing at me, at you, as Harry did to Meghan, but ever so wondrously more than we can imagine! God is Love, and where there is love, there is God. God sees to the very core of our being and delights in God’s own DNA of life and light and love! God saw that it was good and claimed: “You are mine to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, even through death we will never part.” I had to say, not that I was “lucky,” but “I’m so blessed! And I’m so grateful to have life and be so gratuitously, unconditionally loved.”

Then, Bishop Curry electrified the congregation with the preached word, inspired by Martin Luther King, that LOVE, God’s redemptive love, can and will change the world. Don’t underestimate it, he warned; don’t sentimentalize it! We may say, “Love me, love my cat” but God stretches that to “Love Me, Love ALL that I love.” Not easy, but possible with openness to grace. True love has its cost, just ask Martin Luther King, Oscar Romero, Dorothy Stang. Just ask Jesus! Again, in the words of Ilia Delio: “Our challenge today is to stay the course of love, for a world that resists love, fears love, and rejects the cost of Love.”

“Ultimately, the only way I can be myself,” said Thomas Merton, “is to become identified with God in whom is hidden the reason for my existence, and fulfillment of my existence.”  Let us join the two step Circle dance of Love of our Triune God and of all that our Triune God loves.

Joan Delaplane, O.P.

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