Fifty-Five Spiritual Directors assembled on Monday, November 13th to participate in the Annual DCSM Colloquium for Spiritual Directors.  Elizabeth (Beth) Liebert, SNJM was the speaker and her topic: “Finding Hope Again in the Spiritual Direction Relationship”. 

Dr. Liebert is currently formation director for the Sisters of Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.  She recently retired as a Professor of

Spiritual Life at San Francisco Theological Seminary.  She is a Core Doctoral Faculty member of GTU since 1987.  Dr. Liebert has authored numerous books on spirituality.

The attending spiritual directors explored the meaning of hope, where it is found and what are possible components.  Sister Liebert led the group in several spiritual practices which could be used for personal development as well as being useful tools for Directees.

In conclusion, Beth encouraged the Spiritual Directors to embrace their own health and well-being.  The day was full and fruitful.  The group expressed gratitude to Sister Beth.

The Colloquium for Spiritual Directors is held annually in the autumn – the 2018 Colloquium topic will be Journeying with Wounded Souls: Spiritual Direction with Trauma and Abuse Survivors. We will explore ways to help spiritual directors enable directees to identify and to heal spiritual wounds from abuse and trauma by re-discovering God and self; integrating body, mind, spirit; and transformation to spiritual wholeness. Learn more on our Colloquium page.

Photo: Fall Back by Ian Sane / CC BY 2.0