Let Justice and Peace Flow

This year, 2023, the  theme for the Season of Creation is “Let Justice and Peace Flow.”  This booklet introduces the Season of Creation and offers resources for celebrating each of the Sundays of the season from September 1st, the World Day for Prayer for Creation, through October 4th, the feast of St. Francis. It offers penitential rite suggestions, prayers for the liturgy, scriptural reflections and more.

The 2023 theme takes up the cry of the prophets to Let Justice and Peace Flow…. The latest IPCC report released in 2022 confirms the worsening impacts of climate change and the failure to avoid many tipping points toward destructive and irreversible changes. In a brief “Invitation to Join Season of Creation 2023”, ecumenical leaders state simply and forcefully:

The urgency grows and we must make visible peace with Earth and on Earth, at the same time that justice calls us to repentance and a change of attitude and actions. Instead of despair, hope can be created if we work together as the People of God. By the Creator’s infinite love and mercy, streams can rise in the desert. An economy of peace can be built instead of an economy based on conflict.

The changing world and the growing ecological crisis threatening us and all who share Earth are the fruits of injustice and violence.  The Cry of Earth and the Cry of the Poor are desperate calls for justice and the peace that it can bring.  The wisdom and courage of the prophetic Spirit must flow in us and through us….


The Spanish translation is now available here.

The French translation is now available here.