In approaching this prayer of lament, take time to enter contemplative space and spirit, centering quietly, asking to be open to the Spirit, to be touched deeply and guided….

Feel the grief that is in you in this time of global pandemic in which hundreds of thousands have died in its torture.

Feel the grief that is in you as our cities burn with outrage at the deadly racism so deeply rooted among us for so long.

Feel the grief that is in you as Earth, our home, our mother, is being ravaged by our greed and abuse.

Become conscious of those of all major faith traditions and no faith tradition who share with us this sea of grief and outrage.

Join this global lament as companions of Christ, conscious that the coming of the Holy Spirit in this historic Pentecost time is the coming upon us of the wild Fire of God’s raging prophetic love…

With fierce, harsh Light, revealing the painful and sinful Truth of our lives…

With a searing and purifying Fire, burning away, cleansing…

With an intense Blaze, forging and strengthening our gifts for the building of a New Creation, a New Creation held out before us as a vision of hope, a shelter of fiercely protective and creative love where all can live together in justice, love, solidarity, and peace.

 And so we pray:

Hear our cry, Holy Fire of God. Listen to our prayer of lament with all peoples of faith. How long will we be held in the grip of this devastating pandemic? Where will it strike next? And whom? And what if it comes to us, what if…?

Your unflinching Light shows us a continuous, unrelenting escalation of suffering and death around the world. Fear and anxiety are everywhere. We are weary, worn down by the stress of unknown threats, grieving with broken hearts

the more than 100,000 of our sisters and brothers and their suffering loved ones who, with us call this nation home;

… grieving with broken hearts

the more than 365,000 of our sisters and brothers and their suffering loved ones who, with us, call Earth the common home of our human family.

Lord, Have Mercy…

The harsh Light of Your Truth is showing us the deeply ingrained sin of racism that makes our sisters and brothers in communities of color

such disproportionate victims of the illness and death of the pandemic,

such vulnerable victims of the racial hatred, violence, discrimination and abuse so deep in our spirits, so pervasive in our society, our institutions, our culture.

Lord, Have Mercy…

The all-embracing, unwavering Light of Your Truth is revealing the rampant greed and systems of exploitation, accumulation, waste and corruption that

are trapping so many of our sisters and brothers, Your children, in poverty,

that are threatening the life of Earth, our common home.

Lord, Have Mercy…

Holy, prophetic Spirit of our God, continue to hold us in Your searing, purifying Fire until together we have burned away the viruses of injustice and hatred, racism and greed that infect us so deeply.

Fierce, Loving God, from the depths of our pain and confusion, we cry out to You. From fears and anxieties, we plead with You. Rescue us, God of compassion and grace. We lift up our eyes and our hearts to You in grief, longing, and hope.

Come, fill the hearts of Your faithful and set burning within us the Fire of Your love.  Recreate us and renew the face of the Earth.

We make our prayer of lament and cry for hope in the name of Jesus who lamented from the cross and rose in the power of Your life-giving Love.


James Hug, S.J.