Thursday, July 28, 2022 is Earth Overshoot Day! This means that the human community will have used within 7 months all of the natural resources that Earth can naturally replenish in one year. We are creating an earth deficit for the next 5 months. As a people, we need to reduce our use of earth’s resources.

Last year, 2021, Earth Overshoot Day was July 30th.  Earth Overshoot Day 2020  was August 22nd.  These are worrisome statistics as the day occurs sooner each year.

Earth Overshoot Day is calculated by dividing the world’s ecological bio-capacity (the amount of natural resources generated by Earth that year), by the world ecological footprint (humanity’s consumption of Earth’s natural resources for that year), and multiplying by 365, the number of days in one Gregorian common calendar year.

Our long standing and worsening pattern of overuse promises great suffering for the poor and vulnerable of the world. We need to embrace ecological healing as a long term and lifesaving strategy. Earth is our common home. For more information about Earth Overshoot Day

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash