Abrazo-mujer – embrace of Jesus
Image by Félix Hernández, OP. Used with permission; 


Jesus said, “do not hold on to me …
Go instead and tell my brothers and sisters, I am ascending to my God and your God.”

The feast of Saint Mary Magdalene is July 22nd.  Mary the Magdalene is one of the renowned and celebrated women who followed Jesus. The early Christians called her “the Magdalene” which is an Aramaic word meaning “tower or pillar”.  Mary the Magdalene was a tower or pillar of strength for Jesus and the early Christians. (John A. Dick, Ph.D., S.T.D.)  Scripture tells us that seven demons were cast from her but scripture permits interpretation about what that means. The memory of Mary has been maligned by the church, by Christian artists, and by the popular assumption that she was a prostitute and a repentant sinner.

What is important is that the memory of Mary is intimately entwined in the memory of the resurrection in all four gospels. It is Mary who first sees, reports (preaches), and witnesses to the Jesus raised from the dead. Therefore, she has been named the apostle to the apostles.

Saint Mary the Magdalene is a patron of the Dominican Order because it is an Order of Preachers (OP). Let us celebrate her memory as a special friend of Jesus, a disciple in the early Christian community, a Dominican patron, and a woman preacher.

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