Awesome God of cosmic time-space,
Intimate God, in each heart,
Energizing, Organizing God, weaving global solidarity.

Y’hw’h, Allah, Brahman, Great Spirit, God-of-many-names-and-no-name, Abba, Father-Mother,
We thank You for threading us together into one stunning planetary web of Life.

Awesome, Intimate, Unifying God,
Forgive us for letting glimpses of your Immensity swell our arrogance,
Dividing us from our sisters and brothers in whom You dwell through other images, experiences, cultures, revelations –
Longing for the Fullness that only our Oneness can reveal.

Break us free – as gently as You can … but as forcefully as we demand –
from the idolatry of wealth, “free markets,” individualism, competition, consumption that blind us
to the rich complexity of Your Presence,
that reduce our sisters and brothers – and us – to consumers/producers/competitors/markets.

Break the enduring chains of slavery and colonialism that set us on such vastly diverging paths of wealth
and poverty.
Turn those paths toward each other into your Path to Fullness-in-Unity.

Purge us of whatever blinds us to Your crucifixion-by-poverty
in billions of sisters and brothers,
whatever allows us to starve Your Revealing Love in 800 million of our sisters and brothers,
whatever allows us to plunder our planet,
uncaring of our children’s children, careless of the Sacredness it displays.

Y’hw’h, Allah, Brahman, God-of-many-names-and-no-name, Abba, Father-Mother,
Alert us to Your Urgent Struggle to unite us – each in our uniqueness, all in our diversity.
Fill us with as much awe and joy at Your Presence in our sisters and brothers, with as much energy
and passion to work with You as we can bear –

That we all may be One in You and You may be glorified in us.  Amen!   Alleluia!!


James E. Hug, S.J.