Thanksgiving is an important feast because it reminds us of the imperative of gratitude.  Our God is a generous God and all that we have is gift.  Thanksgiving is a feast that reminds us to be present, to stop and appreciate the small things, to recognize our blessings, and to be grateful.  Thanksgiving is also a day when families often reconnect and celebrate together.

Psychological research tells us that the emotion of gratitude leads to optimism, happiness, a sense of well-being, and improved health.  I recently read a quote from Melinda Beck, columnist for The Wall Street Journal, in the article Thank you, No, Thank you“…adults who feel grateful have more energy, more optimism, more social connections and more happiness than those who do not”

Gratitude also assumes a major role in all religions.  Giving thanks to God is an attitude of faith, acknowledging that all is gift given by God for the well being of all. It invites us to share the bounty we enjoy generously and joyfully with all who are in need.

Let us pray …

Loving God, we give you thanks and praise
We stand in wonder before your creation
and see your reflection in all that is
and we gratefully pray for the gift of wonder

Touch our hearts,
teach us to discover Your presence in our lives,
strengthen our relationships as one global human family
increase our generosity and willingness to share
and give us peace.

Karen Rossman, OP


Karen Rossman, OP