Photo by Josh Barwick on Unsplash

The studies of the pace and impact of climate change seem to grow more dire in their warnings by the day. Storms are more violent. Sea levels are rising. The deadlines for avoiding the worst catastrophes by reducing carbon emissions and becoming carbon neutral across the planet continue to draw nearer, shrinking the time left for effective responses.

In mid-March 2019, National Public Radio’s Morning Edition aired two encouraging short reports to help us imagine some of the key elements to a successful response to climate change – two images of what it would look like to be living carbon-free by 2050. Their value is to take the focus off the overwhelming threats of out-of-control climate change long enough to help us imagine success and see large-scale solutions still available to the human community. Overwhelming threats can be depressing and paralyzing. Visions of real possibilities of success can encouraging and empowering.

The reports are short.  Give yourself the favor of a few minutes of realistic positive responses and savor a small whiff of hope!  You can find the transcripts or recordings here and here.