Adrienne Schaffer, OP died on Sunday, November 21st.   Anneliese Sinnott, OP as Board Chair shares a brief tribute.  Please join us in remembering Adrienne.


Adrienne Schaffer’s Contribution to the Dominican Center

Several years ago, the Dominican Center for Religious Development, begun by Charlotte Hoeffer OP, was in need of a new director. As I was the chair of the Board, I approached Adrienne and asked her if she would be willing to take that on. She graciously agreed, and led the Center for over three years.

Adrienne was the epitome of organized leadership. She planned, advertised, executed, and evaluated every event offered by the Center.  Adrienne was able to lead the Dominican Center through a very rough time. It is only because of her leadership that the Dominican Center still exists today. All who are connected to the Dominican Center, the Board of Directors, the graduates from the Spiritual Direction Program and all who benefited from the Center’s offerings, will be forever grateful for the energy, organization, and creativity that Adrienne gave to the Center.  May she rest in peace, knowing our gratitude and love.