James Martin, SJ
(2014, HarperCollins Publishers)

Jesus was published in 2014 by the well-known Jesuit author, James Martin, who is well recognized for his scholarly works, his spiritual insights, and his interesting and engaging style. The reader is invited to join in a life changing pilgrimage, “designed for people of deep faith or no faith, who want to know about Jesus.” P. 15. In Jesus we learn who Jesus is through Martin’s prayerful experiences during his spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In two weeks he visited “almost every spot Jesus had visited.”

Each chapter includes some travel narrative, some study of the text, and some spiritual reflection. His style is a conversational sharing with the reader of his emotions and observations. Martin brings an education that grounds him in theology and spirituality. Footnotes and a bibliography offer the reader further information and quotes from respected sources relating to the information shared.

Martin shares himself personally with the reader. In the honest sharing of his thoughts and emotions during the two-week pilgrimage, Martin includes us as companions. He describes each place and he offers opportunities for our own growth in knowledge and love of Jesus. He becomes our spiritual director.

This book is an inspiring and worthwhile read. I eagerly recommend it.


Joanne McCauley, OP