Photo: ISKCON Delhi, at the night of Janmashtami by Bill William Compton at en.wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

We join with our Hindu brothers and sisters and honor their celebration of Krishna Janmashtami, one of the biggest and most important annual festivals in the Hindu world. August 23rd begins a 2-day festival celebrating the birth of Krishna, the personification or incarnation of the divine love of the second person of the Hindu trinity, Vishnu.

On the first day of the event, called Krishna Ashtami, Hindus rise before dawn to engage in song and prayer in Krishna’s honor. There are dances, rituals and plays to honor and remember this supreme God.

Some Hindus will fast to honor Krishna Janmashtami. It is believed that Krishna was born at midnight. On the second day, called Janam Ashtami, Hindus will break their fast with special and elaborate meals that often contain milk or cheese curds, said to be two of Krishna’s favorite foods.

Hinduism is the third largest and possibly the oldest religion in the world. Although most Hindus live in India, there are Hindu Temples in many US cities. So, we celebrate with the Hindu community the personal love of God that Christians have come to know through the incarnation of Jesus. We join in prayer with them and pray for God’s blessings for our Hindu brothers and sisters during these holy days.