Memorial Day is a day of mixed blessings. It is laudable to pray for those women and men who served in the military and lost their lives. These women and men were called by our country into risk. They accepted the call, they served, and they paid the sad price of losing their lives. Therefore, we remember them and pray for them and for their families who have borne the pain of their loss.

Memorial Day is a day of mixed blessings because as a people we continue to believe the heresy that war is justified and that peacemaking is the real risk. We accept aggression as necessary to insure our safety, to right wrongs, to address problems, and to demonstrate to the global community that we are strong and worthy. What foolishness that we think violence is the answer to anything. What foolishness that we equate violence with bravery.

As people of faith, let us always remember and pray for our dead. But this Memorial Day let us also pray to have our hearts transformed into hearts of peacemakers. The task of peacemaking is an active, complex and challenging response to the presence of the Spirit of God. We ask to be converted so that we will create a peaceful world.