War is also never beneficial.  Rather it results in destruction, displacement, death, poverty, enmity, and increasing violence.  Homes, cities, social and health services are despoiled and destroyed, no longer able to be a healing force.   This is a war leading to occupation, not peace.  And there will be long standing consequences if this violence continues.  This is a war that defiles both Russia, Ukraine, and the watching silent world.   The Dominican Center condemns the Russian invasion and prays that the peoples of the world join us in our condemnation.

And when the fears have lessened, it is time again for the human family to examine the often-common assumption that violence and force are a resolution to conflict or difference.  In reality, force begets greater force, not resolution or peace. It resists creative solutions and promotes disconnection and suspicion between peoples.  So let us pray that this time we evaluate honestly our addiction to war.  We can identify it in this conflict but nonetheless, the thought process, the desire for power at all costs, and the willingness to resort to force is also closer to home.

Let us pray together and join other voices for peace.  As world citizens, the call to prayer is urgent, serious, and  redemptive.


Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash