Today, August 6th, we remember the bombing of Hiroshima!  It seems impossible that as Christian Americans we would wreak such havoc on citizens of another nation.  Nevertheless, I take questionable comfort in the fact that we were at war and that it was a different era.  However, it is a staggering reality that we dropped atomic bombs 3 days apart in the country of Japan.  It was not a time for pride, not a time to suggest that America was great.

I had hoped that we had grown in the last 70+ years.  But currently, I am outraged by the seizing of immigrant children from their mothers and fathers at our border.   The health of these children is at risk.  Because of high levels of fear, there is very likely to be developmental neurological damage: they are likely to distrust, to be unable to manage their emotions, to continue to react, to become drug addicted, and possibly to also abuse.  As I wrote in an earlier post, the warehousing of children, including babies, is inhuman and cruel.  I thought that my outrage was at its peak.

But today, I read in the Washington Post that migrant children held in some of our detention centers, children as young as 14, “are stripped naked, shackled, strapped to chairs, their heads encased in bags, left for days or longer in solitary confinement, and in some cases beaten and bruised.”  They may also be given psychotropic medications, perhaps to create an artificial peace.  As an American citizen, I am sickened by these actions that are clearly evil.  We are not at war with the immigrants and this is today!  A judge has now ordered officials to provide water as needed at one facility.  A legal mandate was necessary to insure a human right, the provision of water, not to enemies but to children.

The president has created a climate in America where all humanity is at risk.  Immigrants have been called “animals” and we want a wall.  We fear terrorists, although our gun laws are lenient and unchecked.   It is a climate of irrational fear – no wait, maybe not so irrational.  What will these shackled, abused, and seriously harmed children think about the United States in the future.  It seems that we are creating a legacy of southern enemies rather than friends and neighbors.  It is time to reassess our values and national pride. Let’s embrace the decency to be ashamed!


Karen Rossman, OP  Karen Rossman, OP