Our Loving God, we ask for healing as the coronavirus plagues our world.
We pray for those who are ill from the virus,
asking that You support them, encourage them, and bring them back to full health.
Bless those who care for them during this illness.
Strengthen the caregivers so that fear of contagion does not lessen their care.

We pray that You will guide scientists around the world who are seeking to understand this virus
and working to develop a vaccine and a cure.
Give them wisdom and insight so that their work may be successful and benefit the human family.

We pray for political leaders around the world,
That they may be open and transparent in their communications with their people and
keep the health and wellbeing of all people primary in their policies and decisions.

Our Loving God, we are reminded during this time that we are vulnerable.
Help us to stay conscious of how fragile we can be and how much we need each other.
We pray for the wisdom to make good choices.
We pray for the gift to appreciate that we are a global community.
We pray for the compassion to care for our sick, our elderly, our at-risk sisters and brothers.
And we pray for courage and a continued awareness that You are with us.

Loving God, we ask for Your blessing, Your healing.