Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology

Holy Spirit of God, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Amazonia who are bearing heavy crosses and are awaiting the liberating consolation of the Gospel. We pray, too, for Earth, our common home, and for all who dwell in the great Web of Life and whose future depends upon the integral health of the Amazon and its peoples.

And we pray in a special way for the participants in this Synod: instill in them openness, daring prudence, wisdom and discernment to help the Church in the Pan-Amazonian region and around Earth to be renewed by the fire of faith.  Give the Church the grace of “courageous fidelity” to the creative newness to which You are inviting us. You make all things new. We pray that You will inspire this Synod to renew the paths of the Church so that the fire of mission will continue to burn. We ask You this in the name of our Creator and of Christ Jesus who shows the way to life to all who call Earth our home now and forever.      Amen.

Based on words of Pope Francis at the opening of the Synod
October 6, 2019