Directed Retreats

Photo by Davide Castaldo on Unsplash

2 Models … 2 Timelines

To meet your needs and preferences, we will be offering more than one summer retreat experience.  We are planning two models of directed retreat experience this year and we are also offering diverse timelines.

  1. One model: Traditional silent directed retreat.  These are set-apart times to enter the silence of your heart and be attentive to how God is present and active in your life. Daily meetings with a spiritual director assist with the retreat process.
  2. Another model:  Directed retreat using SoulCollage.  SoulCollage is an option of praying with images through the process of SoulCollage®. The directee will be guided in creating SoulCollage cards with images that speak to their soul and in listening to how God is speaking through the cards.

    St. Paul of the Cross

    Thursday to Saturday (7/30-8/2) at the St Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center & Conference Center.  There will be a 4-day traditional directed retreat.  Cost will be $410.00

    There will also be a 4-day directed retreat using SoulCollage.  Cost will be $430.00   ($20.00 for materials).

    Saint Paul of the Cross 4-Day Retreat Registration Form

    Friday 7/31 to Sunday 8/2
    …weekend retreats will be available in both models.  Cost: $290.00 traditional and $310.00 SoulCollage ($20.00 material fee). There is no Registration Form on the Website for the Weekend Retreats.

    To Register: Call 517-920-1955 or email