Fall colloquium for spiritual directors,
clergy, chaplains, pastoral leaders

October 29, 2018


Journeying with Wounded Souls:
Spiritual Direction with Trauma and Abuse Survivors

Magaret ArmsThe Fall Colloquium explored ways to help spiritual directors enable directees to identify and to heal spiritual wounds from abuse and trauma by re-discovering God and self; integrating body, mind, spirit; and transformation to spiritual wholeness.

The presenter was Margaret Arms, Ph.D., a Spiritual Director in private practice in Colorado Springs. She works with individual and group directees, and facilitates supervision groups for spiritual directors.  She offers workshops and retreats on a variety of aspects of the spiritual journey.

Dr. Arms is prepared both as a spiritual director and as a therapist. Therefore, her background lent added depth and examples and she was able to distinguish the role of the spiritual companion.  Dr. Arms was able to tease apart the spiritual issues from other trauma symptoms.

Fifty-seven spiritual companions participated in the day.  The majority evaluated the day as helpful for their ministry and acknowledged Dr. Arms as someone who is knowledgeable and offers useful insights. Comments included: “this was a wonderful conference. Margaret was excellent.” “Nicely done and very timely.” “Thank you for a very fruitful day.”