Season of Christmas

Photos: Courtesy of Jesuit Refugee Service – used with permission

Christmas is not just for Christians. Traditionally, the feast celebrates the birth of Jesus. Christians initiated it and, in truth, it is a special day for the followers of Jesus. Christian homes and churches are adorned with creches and the children marvel at the baby, the animals, and the majesty of the 3 kings. The star of Bethlehem lights the way for many.

However, the message of Christmas is one that can speak to every person of faith. The Christmas message proclaims through angel voices, that we have a God who loves us, is among us, and works for our salvation. The foundation for our hope is that our loving God is present with us. All that exists is created and held in existence by the breath of God. By this graciousness of God, all creation can be proclaimed holy.

And so, we know that whether we are standing again on Sinai, meditating on the universe, bathing in a sacred river, journeying to Mecca, or celebrating the mystery of the divine life within the human Jesus, the Christmas message tells us of a God who is relational, intimate, and actively present in all of creation.

This message of Christmas, therefore, belongs to and is Good News for everyone. This season is God-centered and it is a time of joy and many blessings.

Karen Rossman


Reflections celebrated on Sundays and special feasts during this holy Season of Christmas will be found under Scriptural Reflections.

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