VESPER TIME: The Spiritual Practice of Growing Older
 by  Frank Cunningham; Published by Orbis Books, 2017

       Author and Publisher Frank Cunningham has given all those of us moving into our elder years a priceless gift in his recent book, Vesper Time: The Spiritual Practice of Growing Older with a Foreword by Joyce Rupp.

The author compresses an immense amount of wisdom, and experience, into a very small volume.  Rupp says it well when she describes the book as showing the reader that growing in intimacy, taking risks, being vulnerable, engaging in new experiences, and making our knowledge and skills available in the service of others are essential if one is to age well.

The book is not a flat rendering of advice, but rather is a gentle, good humored collection of stories, anecdotes and insights that give it a wonderful vitality.  By exploring five very significant facets of human experience:  Memory, Intimacy, Diminishment, Gratitude and Acceptance, the author leads us all to reflect on our own stories to find within them our own narrative of God’s calling and caring throughout the years.


Carol Johannes, OP