Torch Illustration by Aneesah Mcnamee, OP


Mission of the Dominican Center

Rooted in the charism of Saint Dominic and formed in the Christian spiritual and social traditions, the Dominican Center: Spirituality for Mission assists people of every faith to nurture a thoughtful, prayerful relationship with God and to be a strong voice in the world for God’s justice.

Torch Illustration by aneesah mcnamee, OP

- Spirituality for Mission -

Prayer for Healing

As the Coronavirus threatens our world
the Dominican Center turns to
God in prayer.
We ask for healing and help.

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40th Anniversary Celebration

The Dominican Center
begins its 40th Anniversary Celebration!
Join us in the remembrances, prayer, reflections,
Dominican Preaching for our Times!

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Women's History Month

We admire and celebrate,
the gifts of women throughout history.
We remember those who have shaped
and improved our world

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A Prayer in Time of Pandemic

March 15, 2020
This prayer by Brother Richard Hendrick, ofm, has gone viral globally as the human family struggles with the Coronavirus Pandemic. It names now familiar facets of the disturbing and dangerous reality and features graced responses. It is a beautiful prayer to guide our response to the pandemic....

Prayer for Healing

March 11, 2020
As the Coronavirus threatens our world, the Dominican Center turns to the God of healing in prayer. We pray for our sick, our elderly, our at-risk sisters and brothers. We ask God for healing and help. Together let us open our hands, our hearts, and join in prayer....
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Scriptural Reflections

Second Sunday in Lent – Year A

March 8, 2020
Three years ago, Sr. Karen Rossman reflected on the Transfiguration in light of the Parkland School shootings. She highlighted the way the students were transfigured, creating a wise, demanding musical message, calling us all to “Shine.” Today this reflection is a needed reminder of the challenges we still face....
Just a dream, just an ordinary dream by Wade Brooks / CC BY-NC 2.0
Scriptural Reflections

Feast of St. Agatha

February 6, 2020
Today we celebrate the life and death of Agatha, a woman who was faithful to Jesus. Those of us of a certain age remember when there was only one Eucharistic prayer. Every time we went to Mass we heard the names  of faithful women of the early church: Felicity, Perpetua,...
40th Anniversary

Ecological Conversion and Spiritual Direction

February 5, 2020
Rhonda asks the question: In a spiritual direction relationship, how do we stretch those that we accompany without telling them what to think? How can we invite ecological conversion? The image Rhonda chose for ecological conversion is that of human hands creating earth. Earth’s future is in our hands....

Pray and Reflect

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Transform the World

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Celebrate People of Faith

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Spiritual Direction

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