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Mission of the Dominican Center

Rooted in the charism of Saint Dominic and formed in the Christian spiritual and social traditions, the Dominican Center: Spirituality for Mission assists people of every faith to nurture a thoughtful, prayerful relationship with God and to be a strong voice in the world for God’s justice.

Torch Illustration by aneesah mcnamee, OP

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Solving Climate Change?

NPR’s Morning Edition

ran two encouraging reports

to help us imagine solutions.

They are well worth a few moments of your time….

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March is Women's History Month

During the month of March, we will celebrate
the memory of several individual women.

The third woman to be celebrated is
Dorothy Mae Stang, Angel of the Amazon.

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Spiritual Direction Internship

Applications now being accepted
for the fall class of spiritual direction interns.
If you are interested or
if you have  any questions about spiritual direction,
please use this site to learn more.

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Women's History Month

Dorothy Mae Stang

March 15, 2019
Dorothy Mae Stang (1931-2005) was an American-born Brazilian member of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She was martyred in the Amazon Basin because of her efforts for the poor and the environment. The Amazon is an incredible natural resource. Dorothy was called the “Angel of the Amazon”....

Imagining A Successful Response to Climate Change

March 14, 2019
Scripture reminds us that without a vision, the people perish. In two short reports recently, NPR’s Morning Edition offered two large-scale images of what it would be like to be living carbon-free by 2050. Enjoy a much-needed whiff of hope....
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Scriptural Reflections

First Sunday in Lent – Year C

March 10, 2019
Lent need not be a negative, guilt-focused time. Lent should be time for deepening our relationship with God, for reflecting on our lives and reevaluating them. Where are growth and enrichment possible? How may we grow in our presence to God, opening more fully to God’s presence to us?...
Upward by Llima Orosa / CC BY-ND 2.0
Women's History Month

Sojourner Truth

March 7, 2019
Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) was one of twelve children. She was a slave until 1826 when she escaped to freedom. In 1857 Truth moved to Battle Creek, Michigan, where she joined other Michigan abolitionists. She labored for the recognition of African Americans as equal citizens. Truth died on November 26, 1883....
Recommended Reading

Vesper Time

March 5, 2019
 VESPER TIME: The Spiritual Practice of Growing Older  by  Frank Cunningham; Published by Orbis Books, 2017        Author and Publisher Frank Cunningham has given all those of us moving into our elder years a priceless gift in his recent book, Vesper Time: The Spiritual Practice of Growing Older with a Foreword...

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Transform the World

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Celebrate People of Faith

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Spiritual Direction

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