Scriptural Reflections

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We listen and hold in our hearts the Scriptural Words of covenant with our God …

In order to enhance and deepen our prayer and worship experiences and nourish our spiritual search and social transformation, the Dominican Center is committed to providing solid scriptural reflections for meditation and prayer. From a Dominican perspective, study, prayer, reflection, and dialogue are essential elements in deepening our faith and preaching God’s message of justice and peace to our culture and our world.

The reflections offered here are all scripturally based.  The majority are from the Sundays and Feasts of the Catholic liturgical year. Most are authored by Dominican women and men; however scriptural reflections by other authors are also posted. May the reflections you find here nourish you in your personal faith journey and support you in your mission to heal and transform our world.

Just a dream, just an ordinary dream by Wade Brooks / CC BY-NC 2.0

Trinity Sunday – Year C

Most Christian Churches, at least those in the West, celebrate Trinity Sunday. God is total mystery. not in the sense of unintelligibility but in that we are invited into fuller participation and at the same time not being allowed to hold on or even grasp the reality which is God....
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Pentecost – Year C

Pentecost might be a time when we celebrate a new awareness of the Spirit dwelling within each of us. Then, like the Disciples, we will become committed to mission, enticed by the message of Jesus, and called to proclaim it to the everyone. Can we accept the challenge!...
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Seventh Sunday of Easter – Year C

The story of the Ascension is told by Luke twice, in his gospel and in the Acts. Jesus returns to his heavenly home and the disciples begin their task of spreading the Good News and forming communities. The feast is a preparation for what is to come - Pentecost! ...
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Third Sunday in Lent – Year C

Lent is a time to reevaluate how we are living/preaching with our lives: how we are present to God and allow God to be present to us. Here we are invited to be present to God Who is at once compassionate, patient, yet calling for urgency and fruitfulness from us....
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First Sunday in Lent – Year C

Lent need not be a negative, guilt-focused time. Lent should be time for deepening our relationship with God, for reflecting on our lives and reevaluating them. Where are growth and enrichment possible? How may we grow in our presence to God, opening more fully to God’s presence to us?...