Scriptural Reflections

Photo: Disappearing Rainbow by Tony Hisgett / CC BY 2.0

We listen and hold in our hearts the Scriptural Words of covenant with our God …

In order to enhance and deepen our prayer and worship experiences and nourish our spiritual search and social transformation, the Dominican Center is committed to providing solid scriptural reflections for meditation and prayer. From a Dominican perspective, study, prayer, reflection, and dialogue are essential elements in deepening our faith and preaching God’s message of justice and peace to our culture and our world.

The reflections offered here are all scripturally based.  The majority are from the Sundays and Feasts of the Catholic liturgical year. Most are authored by Dominican women and men; however scriptural reflections by other authors are also posted. May the reflections you find here nourish you in your personal faith journey and support you in your mission to heal and transform our world.

Just a dream, just an ordinary dream by Wade Brooks / CC BY-NC 2.0

Feast: St. John Lateran

A Sister reflects that the church has been tried by fire many times. Sometimes we have righted ourselves and sometimes we refused to acknowledge the wrongs that were done in the name of Jesus. I believe that today, the church is once again being tried by fire....
Just a dream, just an ordinary dream by Wade Brooks / CC BY-NC 2.0

Feast of all Saints Reflection

"Saintliness results from learning the art of self-giving love. It flows from dying to self, laughing at one’s own foibles and humbly enduring the foibles of others. Saints aren’t so much superstars of holiness as humble sinners, ready to allow God to love them just as they are" John XXIII...
Just a dream, just an ordinary dream by Wade Brooks / CC BY-NC 2.0

Monday of Week 29 in Ordinary Time

Life is about choices. Every day we make choices. Some choices are minor, some are major, but all of our choices tell something about us. In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus teaches about God’ providence and alms-giving. Jesus tells us, “Where your treasure is, there also will be your heart.” ...
Just a dream, just an ordinary dream by Wade Brooks / CC BY-NC 2.0

Feast of St. Vincent de Paul

We are the followers of Jesus. Our mission is to do what Jesus did and say what Jesus said: to heal, to reconcile, to liberate. Today let us pray that we will faithfully follow in Jesus’ footsteps and that we, like the apostles, will continue the ministry of Jesus....
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Third Sunday in the Season of Creation

“Get behind me, Satan! You are thinking not as God thinks but as humans do!” This challenge to Peter is addressed to us too. How does it help us deepen our ecological conversion and spirituality in this Season of Creation?...